About Us

Autohomehub.com is a website that presents to the public one of the most innovative gadgets and internet of things regarding the home security systems.

Studies have shown that most of the people leave their houses unattended more than ten hours a day because of the job.

That makes them an easy target burglars.

I have decided to bring a very accessible solution to the public.

Due to my vast experience in the IT world and technology, most of the products introduced on this site are rigorously tested and honesty reviewed.

Each details matters.

Every product meets a necessity.

I live in London but I travel to different places all over the world.

Being away, made me acknowledge the necessity of knowing that my home, my belongings and my family are safe.

Now due to the wireless connection, I can check my home safety at one click away, only by accessing a smart app on my phone or via Alexa voice.

All those products are described in details with step by step instructions.

I believe in the latest technological innovations so you will see updates in mater of products.

Share this news and information with your friends and stay safe with us.

Please feel free to contact me.