AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell Review

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In today’s fast-paced world, we require a lot more from the gadgets and devices around us.

They need to do more than just what they were designed to do.

From our cellphones which can act as our translator, encyclopedia, guide, and what not, to our cars that can drive themselves, to even the bulbs in our house which we can control from a tablet, we need smarter devices.

Accordingly, plain, old, wired doorbells just aren’t enough for us now.

What we need is a smarter bell which can make our demanding lives more manageable and less complicated.

Luckily, we have at least one such doorbell: the AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell.

About AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell Review

Struggling with the same problems, the people behind AVANTEK created the company so they could help us live more comfortable lives through their wide range of products.

Moreover, their products are of the highest quality, have excellent performance, and most importantly, are specifically designed to cater to modern needs.

Their product range includes white noise sound machines, laptop cooling pads, binoculars, various smartphone accessories, and our favorite, wireless doorbells.

They have a whole range of doorbells that are customer favorites.

Out of all those, we liked most and will review the AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell.

Check out some of its key features below.

  • Sound System

The AVANTEK D-3B has a brilliant sound system. As they claim, with this doorbell, you’ll never miss a friend at your door.

There’s a built-in 40 mm stereo speaker that will produce a loud and clear sound all across your house.

Whichever corner of the house you’re in, you won’t miss the doorbell ring, ever.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure you don’t hear the doorbell, you have the option for that too.

The doorbell comes with five volume settings.

The lowest setting is a mute mode with 0 dB of sound.

This is perfect for when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Alternatively, the highest setting produces 115 dB of sound which can pretty much be heard over a concert.

This is preferable for those who have senior citizens or hearing-impaired people at home.

Additionally, if you’re sick and tired of the traditional doorbell chime, you will love the AVANTEK D-3B.

It has a massive collection of 52 tunes to choose from and set as your doorbell chime.

  • Transmitter

The transmitter in this doorbell system is big enough to be seen with a safe and comfortable mechanism.

It uses a 230 mAh CR2032 lithium battery which has a super long life of three years.

No more missing important guests at the door just because you forgot to charge the battery.

Besides that, the transmitter is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Whether it is -4 degrees Fahrenheit or 140 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the sturdily built transmitter will continue to deliver excellent performance.

It has an IP55 waterproof rating as well which ensures continued functionality even during heavy rain.

However, the transmitter can get affected by metal which shortens the transmission range and so, needs to be placed carefully.

Additionally, the sleek doorbell transmitter will look great outside your door.

  • Receiver

If you’ve ever wished you could hire a personal doorman for yourself that would come and announce the arrival of a visitor, your wish is about to come true.

While it’s not exactly a doorman, it is just what you need.

The receivers in this doorbell system have an impressive operating distance of 1,300 feet.

This means whether you live in a large house or a multi-story house, you’ll be sure to hear the bell either way.

Otherwise, there is also another package with just one receiver if you don’t need that much range.

Moreover, the receivers have built-in LED lights that can indicate if someone is at the door.

You can also add more receivers separately to increase the coverage.

  • Ease of Use

Some people might think this doorbell is complicated to use, mainly because it is wireless.

However, we’d say the wireless aspect makes it even more simple and straightforward to use.

It has a quick setup.

You can either stick on the transmitter using the adhesive patch or screw it on for more security.

You can plug the receivers into any socket.

Moreover, the package includes a user manual for instruction on how to sync and set up the doorbell.

The doorbell system also features a handy memory function which remembers your settings even after a power outage.

Furthermore, the wireless doorbell is quite versatile.

You can use it as a pager or as a bell if you have bedridden people at home.

The LED light is convenient for hearing-impaired people as well.


  • Quick setup
  • User-friendly
  • Memory function
  • Multi-purpose
  • Weather-resistant transmitter
  • Available in black and white
  • Long battery life
  • Loud and clear sound system
  • Five volume settings


  • Transmission range affected by metal
  • Additional receivers come as a set


The AVANTEK D-3B is worthy of all the praise it’s getting.

The powerful sound system, paired with the impressive coverage, along with the easy setup, makes for an excellent wireless doorbell system for home owners and renters alike.

Moreover, the protection and versatility it entails gives it that extra charm which simply makes it a must-have.

Even though it offers a generous range of 1,300 feet, you may have to look for the metal interference in between transmitter and receiver before placing them.

Comparison with the SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell

In case you don’t believe us, just see how the AVANTEK D-3B Wireless Doorbell compares with the Model CXR Wireless Doorbell from SadoTech which is a pretty famous brand when it comes to wireless doorbells.

Similar to AVANTEK, the SadoTech has more than 50 tunes, adjustable volume settings, ability to support additional receivers, and multi-purpose usage.

The transmitter has a long battery life and is weatherproof. Even the receiver has similar LED lights.

Moreover, unlike the AVANTEK, the SadoTech system can support up to 20 additional receivers, transmitters, and other devices.

It is also available in more colors.

However, the SadoTech has a smaller range with an operating distance of only 1,000 feet.

Therefore, you’ll need more units to attain the same coverage as AVANTEK.

Moreover, there are only four volume settings.

There’s no mute mode with even the lowest setting producing some sound.

The Final Verdict

All things considered, both are very good wireless doorbells.

They have pretty similar features, which makes it a very close call.

But ultimately, the AVANTEK is the winner.

It has more useful features with a more powerful sound system that overall makes a very effective doorbell system.

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