Best Wireless Video Doorbell of 2019 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Wireless Video Doorbell of 2019 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Hearing the buzzing sound of your doorbell can be a jarring experience, especially if you aren’t expecting company.

If you switch over from your ancient buzzer to a state-of-the-art video doorbell, you never have to wonder who’s at the door before answering it.

Better yet, get a wireless version as these require no electrical knowledge to install.

Read all about our choices for best wireless video doorbell below.

Best Wireless Video Doorbell Reviews

Ring Video Doorbell 2

ring doorbell video
Ring Doorbell 2

Ring is a renowned manufacturer of security cameras, but they outdid themselves with the Video Doorbell 2.

Not only does it feature a wireless installation, but the doorbell also produces some of the most detailed video footage on the market.

It has a fantastic app and integrates into the modern smart home with support for other Ring products, smart locks, and AI assistants.


The Video Doorbell 2 has a modern, minimalistic look with the top portion reserved for the camera while the

silver-trimmed bottom houses the ring button.

Pressing it notifies the Ring app and establishes two-way communication through the built-in intercom once you confirm it.

The doorbell’s camera shoots footage in full 1080p.

It has a 160-degree viewing angle—wide enough to encompass a large area in front of your door, but not so wide as to have severe barrel distortion.

Night vision is also included and doesn’t lead to detail loss as it is in color.

You can link the Video Doorbell 2 to other Ring cameras and switch between their views from one app.

The same can be done with select smart locks to open the door from afar.

Alexa support lets you use your voice to check on the feed or record a video.

If you have an Echo Show or Spot, you can cast the live view onto them for more comfortable viewing.

To use the doorbell’s advanced storage features, you have to pay $3/month in subscription fees.

Without paying, you can only monitor the live feed and respond to ring events as they’re happening.

You’ll also need to position the doorbell close to your router as a weak signal can lead to connection loss.

doorbell 2 with chime youtube video
  • Easy to install
  • Connects to a wide array of smart products
  • Excellent companion app
  • Great video quality
  • Color night vision
  • Needs strong Wi-Fi to work as intended
  • Of limited use if you don’t pay the monthly fee
ring doorbell reviews

Ring DoorBell 2

Rated 4.5 stars from 9000+ online reviews.

Peace of mind at a touch of button

NETVUE Video Doorbell

netvue doorbell wireless video
Netvue Video Doorbell

Ring’s wireless doorbell is great for tech-savvy smartphone users, but what about family members who’re used to doing things the old-fashioned way?

Netvue’s Video Doorbell comes with a chime that works like a classic doorbell while having the latest features like a capable camera, voice activation, and motion sensor zones.


Netvue’s doorbell has a unique aesthetic that combines classic design with contemporary features.

It’s wider than other models on review though, so you’ll need to make sure you have space before buying.

Luckily, installation is easy, and you can follow along with thorough instructions provided by the app.

The 720p camera is capable of downscaling the resolution to allow for more recorded footage on an SD card and slower internet connection.

The video is crisp and of good quality in any circumstances, because the white balance and gain control are handled automatically.

Night vision is outstanding as well and works up to 15 feet away.

From the app, you can talk to visitors thanks to the doorbell’s intercom and a noise-canceling chip that keeps background noise to a minimum.

You can give access to the live view to others and record footage to the SD card.

The lowest-paid subscription tier is just $2/month and gives you access to 14 days of recorded ring events and conversations.

The only serious drawback is the camera’s 185-degree viewing angle which causes barrel distortion, i.e., the image is distorted towards the edges.

netvue doorbell
reviews youtube video
  • Comes with indoor chime
  • Video adjusts itself to any lighting situation
  • Clear two-way audio
  • Comprehensive app
  • Might not fit every door frame
  • Noticeable barrel distortion
netvue doorbell reviews

Netvue DoorBell Video

A sleepless pair of eyes and ears to your front door

SMONET Smart Doorbell

smonet smart doorbell camera
Smonet Smart Doorbell

The wireless video doorbells mentioned so far both have monthly subscriptions.

If you don’t want to pay for anything other than the doorbell, an SD card, and some batteries, get the Smart Doorbell by Smonet.

Its night vision and video quality are on part with Netvue’s model, and the free app is easy to use.

Lastly, installing the doorbell is a breeze since no wiring is required.


The Smart Doorbell sports a minimalistic design and has an eye-catching black cover with silver trim.

It comes with all the screws needed to secure it in place an in-depth instruction booklet that guides you every step of the way.

Screw the doorbell in, connect it to the app, and you’re done.

The camera has the same 720p resolution as Netvue’s model, but a smaller field of view makes for a less distorted image.

Night vision is provided by infrared LEDs and works even when there’s no visible light.

Smonet’s doorbell also has a built-in intercom with excellent sound quality.

You can use the ToSee app to save clips or snapshots of an SD card, communicate with visitors, and get a detailed overview of past ring events and motion alerts.

Speaking of which, this doorbell has refined motion sensors that can be triggered by far-away traffic or swaying branches.

You can decrease its sensitivity in the app though if you get too many false notifications.

It’s a shame that the doorbell doesn’t come with batteries, otherwise we’d recommend it without hesitation as our budget choice.

  • Straightforward installation
  • Excellent motion sensors
  • Free app is simple to use
  • No monthly subscription
  • Batteries not included
  • Inserting SD card can be tricky
smonet security camera

Smonet Smart Doorbell

You are always at home even when you are not!

Lansidun WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

lansidun wifi doorbell video
Lansidun WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

The wireless doorbells above are great, but all three need to be screwed in.

If you’re a renter with home security concerns, you should go for Lansidun’s doorbell instead.

Apart from screwing it in, you can use the included adhesive tape to secure it to any smooth surface and leave it undamaged once it’s time to move out.


Lansidun’s doorbell is the most attractive of the bunch.

Although it has a similar design to the others, its black and brass colors give the bell a touch of sophistication.

It is also the most customizable in terms of chimes—there are 50 to choose from.

You can set their loudness to one of four levels to better hear the chime over loud music or not wake a sleeping baby.

The doorbell’s camera records footage in 720p.

Its quality is a bit lower than that of Netvue or Smonet doorbells, but you can still easily use it as condemning video evidence.

The doorbell uses PIR sensors to detect motion quickly and accurately.

Their sensitivity is adjustable to minimize false alarms.

Free cloud storage is another bonus the thrifty renter will appreciate—20 8-second clips are saved to the cloud per day free of charge and recorded over every 7 days.

Alternately, you can save pictures and videos to the included 16GB SD card.

The app works similarly to those of other reviewed doorbells.

Its unique feature is that four people can have access to and view the live feed at the same time.

  • Can be installed with adhesive tape
  • Adjustable volume and many chimes to choose from
  • Free cloud storage
  • Live view sharing
  • Short battery life
  • Mediocre video quality
lansidun video door phone

Lansidun WiFi Wireless Doorbell

A trustworthy protection for your home

AUNEX Video Doorbell

aunex doorbell reviews
Aunex Doorbell Video

Our last wireless video doorbell is made by Aunex.

It’s one of the best options to invest in if you live in a rough neighborhood and fear the doorbell might be stolen.

Here to prevent that are solid anti-theft screws and an alarm that goes off if anyone tampers with it.


This doorbell has an elegant all-black exterior and prominent LED ring button.

It comes with a rechargeable battery but can also be hooked up to an included AC adapter.

You’ll want to pair it with your 2.4GHz router before installing as they need to be close to complete the process.

Once you’re done the doorbell can be 50 feet away from it and still get a clear signal.

The doorbell’s motion sensors are quick to pick up someone’s approach from a distance.

They’re so good that you’ll want to lower the sensitivity in the app.

This along with a 720p camera and 166-degree field of view makes Aunex’s doorbell a capable addition for your home security system.

There are two drawbacks to consider though.

The first is that the manual the doorbell comes with is vague and doesn’t provide thorough installation instructions.

The second, more pressing issue has to do with motion alerts.

There’s a delay between motion being detected and your phone receiving the notification.

Since the feed turns on once you respond to the notification, you might already miss whoever rang the doorbell.

aunex wifi doorbell
reviews youtube
  • Affordable
  • Comes with anti-theft screws and alarm
  • Excellent motion sensors
  • Delay between registered movement and notification
  • Unclear installation instructions
aunex doorbell instructions

Aunex DoorBell Video

Welcoming host for friends and family


Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is without a doubt the best wireless video doorbell around.

It might be more expensive than the others, but the doorbell makes up for this with fantastic video quality and a slew of advanced features.

If you’re on a budget or renting, consider Lansidun’s doorbell instead.