How to Sync a Wireless Doorbell

How to Sync a Wireless Doorbell

Have you just bought a doorbell?

The current trend is toward the wireless doorbell, and an even fancier option is the wireless video doorbell.

When you buy these items, the doorbell button will need to be synced with the doorbell chime, or if you get a wireless video doorbell, the button will need to be synced with your smartphone.

This might sound like a difficult operation, but it is quite straightforward.

Let’s discuss syncing a wireless doorbell.

How to Sync a Wireless Doorbell – Step by Step

When you buy a wireless doorbell, usually you will get a certain number of receivers or chimes, the things which make the sounds, and you will get the actual doorbell buttons too.

However, they need to be synced with one another, so the receiver can receive the signals from the button to alert you of someone’s presence at your door.

Also, you might have had to replace either the chime itself or the wireless button with a new one, in which case you will need to sync your old doorbell button or chime with the new one.

Moreover, if you get a wireless video doorbell, you will also need to sync the doorbell with your phone to receive notifications there.

Let’s go over this whole process in a simple step-by-step manner right now.

What you need to keep in mind is that each wireless doorbell has a different syncing process.

This means that you will want to read the instruction manual for your given wireless doorbell to figure out exactly how the syncing process works.

First, if you have a new wireless doorbell which includes both the receiver and the ringer button, they should more or less sync on their own.

Once you have mounted the doorbell button outdoors, and you have mounted or placed the doorbell chime inside, they should come with some sort of sync button.

All you should have to do is press the sync button on both when they are close together, and they should sync all on their own.

It does not get much easier than that.

This process becomes a little bit harder if you have bought a new chime to replace an old one, or a new doorbell button to replace the old one, but you want to sync it with the other device that you already have.

In other words, you want to sync a new doorbell chime with an old button, or a new button with an existing chime.

You will need to ensure that they are compatible with one another.

Sometimes, it may be that you have to replace the chime or button with the same model, as many brand names are only compatible with the same devices.

However, some are universal.

In this case, more than likely, you have to ensure that both the chime and the button are operating on the same frequency.

As long as they are compatible, are running on the same frequency, and they both have the same syncing process, syncing them should be as easy as pressing the sync button on both items.

Remember that you will also want to adjust the volume on the wireless doorbell chime, and you will want to select the ringtone which plays when the doorbell button is pressed.

Now, if you have gotten a wireless video doorbell, there is an extra step that you will need to take, which is syncing the doorbell with your phone and the included app, as opposed to a chime.

Wireless video doorbells usually connect straight to your phone and the included app instead of a physical chime in your home.

To sync the wireless video doorbell to your phone, you will have to read the instruction manual for the item in question.

Generally speaking, there will be an included sync button, which when pressed will cause the device to show up on a list of connected or possible devices to connect on your phone.

Simply select the doorbell button on your phone, install the application, and you should be good to go.


The biggest tip that we can give you when it comes to syncing any wireless doorbell is to always read the instructions and product description, preferably before buying.