SMONET Smart Doorbell Review

SMONET Smart Doorbell Review

Quick Overview

smonet doorbell video review


  • 720p resolution
  • Decent field of view
  • Motion sensor
  • Video saved to a microSD card


  • Batteries not included

Getting a video doorbell is the best way to ramp up your home’s security.

Sadly, many homeowners are put off by this investment since they lack the skills or don’t want to pay a handyman to replace their old doorbell with a more sophisticated one.

That’s why Smonet’s Smart Doorbell is such a good choice—it is effortless to install since it runs on batteries.

It has a slew of security features and is supported by an easy-to-use app that lets you monitor your porch and talk to people through a two-way intercom.

smonet smart doorbell camera
Smonet Smart Doorbell

SMONET Smart Doorbell

This is an attractive wireless video doorbell that requires only a couple of screws and rechargeable batteries to work.

It sports a 720p wide-angle camera, sophisticated infrared motion sensor technology, and a clear mic + speaker system for two-way communication.

It connects to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, meaning you can be at work or on vacation and still know what’s going on at the front door.

Who is this product for?

Smonet’s Smart Doorbell is meant for anyone who wants to monitor the activity suspicious or otherwise, that’s happening at their doorstep, be it day or night.

It is of particular use to elderly and disabled people who may not be able to get to the door on their own.

What’s included?

The doorbell’s package contents are pretty straightforward.

Apart from the doorbell itself, you get a packet of mounting screws as well as an instruction manual that explains the installation process and the doorbell’s features.

Overview of features

The best thing about Smonet’s Smart Doorbell is its camera.

The camera’s resolution is 720p, which is enough to identify both guests and shady types as soon as you answer the door.

Daytime footage is of good quality since the contrast is solid, and colors don’t appear washed out.

The doorbell is also equipped with infrared LEDs that cast a light that’s undetectable to the naked eye yet provides excellent night vision capabilities.

The camera’s lens has a 166-degree field of view.

This lets it capture not just what’s going on directly in front of the camera, but lets you see the yard as well.

Given that the angle is quite high, some barrel distortion at the screen’s edges is to be expected.

Even so, whoever shows up at your doorstep will be visible since the center is free from distortion.

Motion sensors are another integral part of the doorbell’s security arsenal.

They use infrared waves to pick up motion and are both accurate and quick to respond.

The sensor’s sensitivity can be lowered.

This is a welcome addition for people with smaller yards since cranking the sensors up to maximum would otherwise result in false positives from passing animals or cars driving past your property.

The doorbell is accompanied by the ToSee app.

This lets you get quick access to the camera’s view and either record a clip or a screenshot to the microSD card.

You can also listen in on someone without speaking or engage the mic and talk to them.

The app lets you adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity levels and enter Ultra-Low Power Consumption mode that’s ideal for prolonging battery life.

Finally, there’s the history tab which shows past events. These include motion detection and doorbell presses.

There aren’t many drawbacks to this wireless doorbell, but a glaring one has to do with its batteries.

It uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries that last up to 8 months but aren’t included in your purchase.

How to install the doorbell

Smonet has made the installation a piece of cake by eliminating a need for wires.

You only need to have a wide doorframe or enough space on the wall beside it to accommodate the doorbell.

Installation boils down to inserting a couple of rechargeable batteries, screwing the doorbell into the doorframe or wall, and pairing it with the companion app.


If not getting batteries is a deal-breaker, consider the Video Doorbell from SDETER.

This stylish alternative has a higher video resolution, doesn’t rely on an SDD card since videos are saved to the cloud, and comes with a set of rechargeable batteries as part of the deal.


Smonet’s Video Doorbell is a definite step up from your run-of-the-mill buzzer.

Anyone who’s ever drilled a hole can install it, and no electrical knowledge is required.

The footage is saved to your SD card and there are no subscription fees, and the bell can be had for an attractive price.

It’s a shame that you don’t get a set of batteries with it, but these aren’t hard to come by these days.

This one small shortcoming aside, the Smonet Smart Doorbell is a sound choice when it comes to comprehensive home surveillance and will give you peace of mind whether you’re at home relaxing or on a business trip on a different continent.

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Smonet Smart Doorbell

You are always at home even when you are not!