CHWARES Video Doorbell Review

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An ordinary doorbell will alert you to visitors, but it does nothing to keep you safe from potential intruders.​

If you ditch your old model and replace it with CHWARES’s Video Doorbell, you’ll never have to worry about pranksters or thieves again.

The doorbell has a capable camera whose view you can check up on from anywhere in the world thanks to Wi-Fi.

It also has two-way communication, an organized app that lets you tweak its settings, and support for voice commands through Amazon Alexa.

CHWARES Video Doorbell

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This video doorbell combines traditional elegance with modern functionality.

It’s the shape of a box and has a prominent button with an LED bell on it so no one will mistake it for anything else.

This outer part of the system is resistant to splashes and somewhat dustproof so you don’t need to worry about malfunctions in lousy weather.

You also get an indoor chime that can be positioned anywhere in your home for maximum convenience.

Who is this product for?

Anyone can use CHWARES’s video doorbell! Since it comes with an interior chime, it acts like an ordinary doorbell older people are used to.

The Wi-Fi and intercom features make it a great choice for people who can’t get up to answer the door or want to check in on their home from work.

What’s included?

The box the doorbell arrives in is chock-full of accessories.

You get the video doorbell and its indoor chime, a power adapter, and a set of mounting screws.

A screwdriver and appropriate drill bits are also included.

Overview of features

This doorbell features a camera with a resolution of 1080p which can be further scaled down if you’re having connection issues.

While there are security cameras with better resolution, few come close to this one in terms of image quality and adjustment options.

Contrast, white balance, and gain control adjustment all ensure that the footage is usable whether you position the doorbell under a dark porch or leave it in glaring sunlight.

Night vision is excellent as well—there are 6 infrared LEDs around the camera lens which provide enough light for detailed footage up to a distance of 15 feet.

Even though the footage is black and white, little detail is lost.

The camera’s wide field of view can be concerning though.

It is set at 185 degrees, meaning that it will capture a wide area to the sides of the doorbell.

This lets you survey more of your environment but comes at the cost of severe barrel distortion.

Audio is another of the CHWARES doorbell’s strong suits.

The doorbell is equipped with a noise-canceling chip which significantly reduces the sound of wind or traffic, letting you talk to visitors without distraction.

You can do so either through the indoor chime or your smartphone.

The CHWARES app has recently undergone a redesign and is now cleaner, more minimalistic, and more user-friendly.

You can access multiple CHWARES cameras on the dashboard and tapping on one brings you to its controls.

From there, you can talk to someone, record videos, or pictures to an SD card, or fiddle with sensor settings.

You’re also able to share the camera’s video feed with other family members who installed the app.

There are three tiers of storage plans.

Paying nothing lets you use the live view and communicate with people through the intercom.

You don’t get access to video storage, but images accompanying ring and motion events from the last 14 days are stored.

$2/month grants you access to 14 days of saved video conversations and ring event clips, while $7/month provides you with 24/7 surveillance and access to the last 2 weeks of footage.

How to install the doorbell

Installing CHWARES’s doorbell boils down to finding enough space near your door to house its large frame, screwing it into place with the provided screws, and pairing it with the app through Wi-Fi.

You don’t get physical installation instructions, but the CHWARES app has an in-depth video tutorial that should answer your questions.

If you’re having trouble getting the doorbell to pair with your phone, make sure you’re using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and press the reset camera button a few times.


  • 1080p resolution
  • Nightvision
  • Wide arc of view
  • Sound cancelling


  • Cloud connected
  • Price plans for additional features


CHWARES’s model might not fit your door frame.

If that’s the case, consider the video doorbell from Aunex.

It offers everything this doorbell does except Alexa, has a free cloud video storage service, and is considerably less expensive.


The CHWARES Video Doorbell is an excellent purchase if you’re looking for an affordable and comprehensive security upgrade.

It has an attractive design, produces good-quality video footage be it day or night, and lets you talk to people on the other end of the line without interference.

Add in its reasonable subscription plans, and you’ve got a recipe for greater peace of mind.

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