How to Change the Frequency on a Wireless Doorbell

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Are you getting outside interference that is messing with the function of your wireless doorbell?

It can be annoying, and it is why we are here today, to discuss how to change frequency on a wireless doorbell.

Why Change the Frequency of Your Doorbell?

You might want to change the frequency on your wireless doorbell due to outside interference.

Technically speaking, wireless doorbells use a type of radiofrequency to communicate between the chime and the button.

However, this then means that there is the possibility of outside interference.

Your neighbour’s wireless doorbell, police radios, taxi radios, two-way radios, and even normal radios can cause interference and frequency issues.

This can cause your doorbell to go off at random times even when nobody has pushed the button, or it could also mean that the doorbell will not function properly when the button is pushed.

If your wireless doorbell is on the same frequency as a neighbour’s wireless doorbell, or the same frequency as any of the other devices listed above, you will want to change this frequency in order to stop more interference from occurring.

How to Change the Frequency on Your Wireless Doorbell

Ok, so now you have figured out why you might need to or want to change the frequency on your wireless doorbell due to interference issues.

Now you need to figure out how to change the frequency. Let’s go over this in a step-by-step manner.

There are a few different types of wireless doorbells, so we are going to go over each of the 3 types right now.

Type 1

  1. Find the rear of the wireless doorbell chime.
  2. Remove the cover on the wireless doorbell chime. You will probably need a screwdriver to do this.
  3. There should be a small multi-position switch present in the doorbell chime. The switch number will usually be either 4 or 6.
  4. Now you can change the position of the switch, and keep in mind that some wireless doorbells will be able to operate on more frequencies than others.
  5. Now you also need to do the same for your doorbell button. Uncover the doorbell button, find the frequency switch, and change it to the same new frequency as you changed the doorbell chime too.
  6. Give the button a push and if your doorbell chime rings, you have completed the task.

Type 2

  1. You will need to turn off this chime for at least 30 seconds before attempting to make any frequency changes.
  2. Then, turn the switch on, and you should hear a beeping to indicate that the doorbell chime is now in the
    so-called learning mode.
  3. You should then hear a sound from the chime, and then you need to press the doorbell button, and shortly
    afterwards you should be able to enter a specific frequency code to use.

Type 3

The most recent kinds of wireless doorbells usually come with some sort of display, and this makes it easy to change or set the frequency which you want.

Simply use the interface or display on the wireless doorbell chime to enter a new or different frequency.

You will want to read the instruction manual as all modern wireless doorbells are a bit different.

However, this should involve no more than pushing a few buttons on the display to get to the place where you can enter a new frequency.

This is by far the easiest type of doorbell to change the frequency on.

Changing the Frequency – Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • If you are going to be working around electronics, it is always wise to turn off the power source first. Don’t electrocute yourself!
  • Sometimes these frequency switches can be small and delicate, so you may want to use small pliers to move them.
  • Be sure to change the frequency to one that is different from your neighbour’s, or else this whole exercise is futile.
  • Be sure that you set the frequency of the chime and the button to the same level. They have to be running on the same frequency, or else the whole thing will not work.
  • If you have a wireless doorbell with a digital display, you do not need to remove the cover or turn off the power. Simply use the display to make the appropriate changes.


The bottom line is that interference from outside sources can interfere with a wireless doorbell, so you might have no other choice than to change the frequency of it.

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