How to Remove a Doorbell Chime Cover

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Do you need to replace your doorbell chime cover or fix the chime itself?

If so, what you need to know is how to remove the doorbell chime cover.

Why Remove a Doorbell Chime Cover?

So, why would you ever want to remove one of these doorbell chime covers?

There are a few reasons.

For one, the interior of the doorbell chime may be damaged in some way.

You might need to remove the cover so you can get to the inside of it so you can make repairs to the chime or to replace parts.

You may be experiencing wiring or electrical issues with your current doorbell chime, in which case you will need to take the doorbell chime cover off to fix any electrical issues.

Doorbell chime covers can get old, they can break, and they may need to be replaced.

Who knows, you might just want to replace it with one that looks a little more modern and up to date.

Tips For Removing a Doorbell Chime Cover

Removing a doorbell chime cover to change the chimes, change the cover, or perform repairs is not that hard.

You do have to be careful and take the proper measurements, but in terms of difficulty, it’s quite easy.

Let’s figure out how to remove the doorbell chime cover right now.

Before you get started, you will want to read the instruction manual for your existing doorbell chime.

Every doorbell chime is slightly different, and you need to take this into account when doing something like removing or replacing the chime cover.

Be sure to read the instruction manual to figure out exactly how to remove the doorbell chime cover without causing damage to it.

The very first thing to do when it comes to removing the doorbell chime cover is to turn off the electricity to it.

Whether you need to remove a fuse or switch the breaker off, be sure to turn the power to the doorbell chime off.

You never want to work with anything electrical when it is still connected to electricity.

Once you have turned the power off leading to the doorbell chime, it is time to get your screwdriver.

You need to unscrew all of the screws on the outer cover which are holding the chime cover to the doorbell chime.

Usually, this amounts to removing a few screws.

Now that you have removed the doorbell chime cover, you need to measure its dimensions and note the placement of the screws.

Simply put, you do not want to go out and buy a new doorbell chime cover that is not of the proper size or does not have the same mounting specs as the old one.

At least, this is the case if you are replacing the doorbell chime cover.

If you are planning to replace the actual doorbell chime instead of the cover, you need to make sure that the new chime is compatible with the cover you have, and is also compatible with the wiring system in your home.

On the other hand, if you need to replace or repair the doorbell chime, you can replace or repair all necessary components as needed.

Now that you have repaired or replaced the doorbell chime, or you have bought a new doorbell chime cover, simply replace the chime cover.

Use the screws and follow the user manual to do this.

It should only require you to screw in a few screws.

Once you are sure that everything has been replaced and repaired, you can turn the power back on to supply the doorbell chime with electricity.

Now you can test it out to see if it works.


As you can see, replacing the cover on your doorbell chime is pretty simple.

Just be sure to always read the instruction or user’s manual for the specific doorbell chime in question, just so you don’t end up breaking anything.

Furthermore, always be sure to turn off the electricity before attempting to work with your doorbell chime.

You always need to consider safety, and be sure that if you are replacing the cover, that you get a new one which is compatible with your current chime.

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