Safeguard Supply Doorbell Review

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Automating your home is the new black nowadays, and why not?

Who doesn’t want to live in an automated and smart home?

If you’re going to follow the same path, one of the first things you may want to do it swap your traditional doorbell with a wireless smart doorbell.

After all, the doorbell is the first thing you touch when entering your home.

The good thing is, there are plenty of options available today from several brands, including well-known global tech companies.

However, if you are looking for a smart doorbell that is also affordable, we just have the right fit for you: Safeguard Supply Doorbell.

The top-rated doorbell offers you durability and affordability, along with all the features you want in a high-tech doorbell.

Let’s dig a little deep to explore more in our Safeguard Supply Doorbell Review.

About Safeguard Supply Doorbell

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Safeguard Supply is a US-based global company that sells a wide range of smart and tech products under different categories.

They are mostly known for their household supplies that are designed to uplift your lifestyle.

The Safeguard Supply Doorbell is one such product, making sure that you don’t miss an important guest ever again.


To start with, the wireless doorbell has a range of 1,000 feet which allows you to install it in a small to large home.

For a stable connection in an enclosed or walled area, the 600-feet range is recommended, while in an open area, up to 1,000 feet can work.

The doorbell is also long-lasting and sturdy, with RoHS, FCC, and CE certifications.

This makes it a good fit for even extreme temperatures, as it works without any interference, even during rain or thunderstorms.


Bored by the same ringtone of your traditional wired doorbell?

Here is a piece of great news.

The Safeguard Supply Doorbell comes with 52 different chimes with 95 dB sound level.

You can choose a different melody after every few days and you can set different volumes for day and night time.


The wireless doorbell is very easy to install and takes only a couple of minutes.

There are no wires involved, so you don’t need an electrician to install one.

The doorbell comes in two parts.

One is the receiver that you install in your house; the second is a transmitter, or you can call it door ringer, that is placed outside of your home.

All you need is to plug the receiver into a wall outlet.

The good thing is, this product comes with two receivers.

This means if you have a large room or two floors, you can install two receivers at a distance from each other.

Next, install the transmitter at the entrance, where visitors can easily identify it as a doorbell.

The Safeguard Supply Doorbell also comes with two transmitters, allowing you to install it at two places for your visitors’ convenience.

The transmitter use batteries, so you can install it anywhere you want.

You can either use screws or use double-sided adhesive tape to install.


Available in black color with several lighting modes, both transmitters and receivers add a pleasant look to your home decor.

It comes with a timeless classic design, with a curved, square shape transmitter and a curved, rectangular smaller receiver.


  • One of the most pocket-friendly wireless doorbells available in the market
  • Easy to install as you don’t need an electrician
  • Has an attractive design
  • Expandable
  • Comes with two receivers and transmitters, offering the best value for the money
  • Comes with two batteries for transmitters


  • You may have to look for metal interference before installing receivers
  • Need to change batteries at least once a year


Wireless doorbells are not always expensive, especially if you are buying the Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell Kit.

The kit comes with two transmitters and receivers. You can use both at the same time or can keep the second set for
later use, it is up to you.

With all the necessary features like 52 chimes, multiple volumes controls, a generous coverage range, attractive design, and durable build the wireless doorbell makes an excellent option.

Even though it is an expandable wireless doorbell that works for both smaller and larger houses, you still have to look for wall and metal interference when installing one.

Comparison with SadoTech Model C Doorbell

Let’s compare the Safeguard Supply Doorbell to another popular option, the SadoTech Model C Doorbell to help you make an informed decision.

SadoTech is another US-based company known for its high-tech home convenience products.

Operation Range

Well, the Safeguard Supply and SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell offer almost the same range, which is 1,000 feet an open area, and around 500 feet in an enclosed space.

However, the SadoTech doorbell is slightly better to use in areas with walls or interference as it performs better.

Both are also expandable, so you can increase the range and cover more area by adding more receivers.

However, the Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell comes with two sets of each transmitter and receiver, which is not the case with SadoTech.

Adjustable Sound

Both doorbells come with four different volume settings.

The highest volume is also almost the same as what Sadotech offers: 115 dB, while Safeguard Supply offers 110 dB.

However, the SadoTech Model C comes with a visual indicator, which means an LED light turns on whenever someone pushes the doorbell button.

This feature is missing in the Safeguard Supply Doorbell.

Both also allow you to choose from 52 different chimes.

Weatherproof Technology

Both doorbells can withstand extreme temperatures and can work in rain as well.

Safeguard Supply wireless comes with IP33 weatherproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about it even if you live in a rainy area.

Overall, Safeguard Supply offers you better value for money, even though they both look very similar.

On the other hand, Safeguard Supply is only available in a black color while SadoTech Model C allows you to choose from 16 different colors.


If you want an affordable, high-tech, easy to install, durable, and superior quality wireless doorbell that can work for large open spaces as well as smaller close-wall houses, the Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell is just the right option.

It as expandable, and comes with two transmitters and receivers, allowing you to cover more area.

The sleek black design is also eye-catching, while the number of options when it comes to chimes is also impressive.

Simply put, there is are not many reasons to not to try this product for your home, office, warehouses, or farms.

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